Thursday, October 8, 2015

Are We Truly Better Off?

In the very beginning, we all were on our own. We hunted or scavenged or gathered our food on our own. Eventually, our families grew and evolved into tribes. This is my understanding. It was a time of individual or cooperative group effort.

Then, again, at some point someone got someone else to work for them. Perhaps as the strongest or fastest or most cunning hunter, some one person ended up ahead of the rest. And that was okay. For a while. As the best hunters became known, perhaps the others became better at other important tasks like butchering the kill or making weapons. And that was okay. For a while.

But eventually, over years and through the evolution of civilizations, many people forgot how to do many things. They 'specialized'. And that seemed like it was okay. But was it? 

For many generations it was still a simple matter for people to wake up and reclaim their independence. But it faded more with each generation. When communication became more simple and widespread, the 'de-evolution' accelerated. We started preaching the gospel of specialization all across the land. And it was good. Or so it seemed. 

But it was a trade off. Independence for ease. We even abandoned cooperative associations after a while. We trained our children to be good workers, not to be self sufficient or independent. We allowed our survival instinct and our survival muscle to atrophy. And it was not good at all.

But by then we had given so much power to so few, they found it easy to invent amusements with which to placate us. They entertained us, and we let them. And now we are trapped. We've become completely dependent on employers for our survival. 

We can't seem to think for ourselves. We struggle daily to fit ourselves into a life dictated by the greedy wants of our masters. We seem to have lost the will to be the masters of our own destinies. 

So when our employers decide they want more profits at year end, or when their poor management results in a loss, they simply tally up the number of heads that will generate their new yacht, and start firing us. And we let them. 

Why? Do you ever wonder why we let them? Why are we so scared to make our own way? Why do we bring up our kids to settle for being a cash cow for someone else? Why? Why? Why? 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Show Love To One Another

Do you show love every day, to everyone? Or do you withhold your love from strangers or from those with whom you disagree? 

Can you find love in your heart for your fellow man?


I write when I can, and I run when I must. So if it seems like I've left off in the middle of a thought, I'll be back to finish it later.

On Thinking And On Purpose

Lots of people are asking "Why?" all the time. I listen to some of them. And I'm in the same boat. Why is life the way it is? Why do people do the things they do? Why don't people do the things they 'should'?

It's a sweet rainy morning, cool outside as fall is upon us. Some people don't like when it rains. Is it odd to wish the lifecycle of rain, which replenishes our drinking water supplies, and bring life to so many living things that we depend on, would end, or minimize itself?

I love the rain. I like to think what it would feel like to be a tree... standing tall in the rain, feeling that life-giving moisture splashing on my leaves and trickling down my bark to me thirsty roots.

But sometimes we get too much rain in a short period of time. And the life energy of the rain starts to overwhelm the life energy of the civilizations upon which it falls. And then people start asking why. 


I write when I can, and I run when I must. So if it seems like I've left off in the middle of a thought, I'll be back to finish it later.